Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

ESP are the preferred choice of learning and skills for all, delivering outstanding quality and results in harmony with individual aspirations and abilities. Our aim is to provide high quality education and promote life long learning. Why choose us? People are choosing us because of:

Our Accreditations

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  • We provide short courses designed to get learning across quickly and effectively. These can be delivered entirely online through short sessions in our virtual classroom.
  • We provide qualification-based courses that support you in gaining national and international recognition of your skills, utilising bespoke solutions to ensure that your needs are fully met
  • Our team eat sleep and breath our moto, “helping you achieve your full potential”. We are here to help you get the best out of yourself and your team.
  • Our trainers are chosen for their experience, credibility, learner focus, engagement and coaching abilities. They work across industries and are able to contextualise learning theory into real world application, ensuring time spent in learning adds real value.
  • Our development team have years of experience supporting all types of organisations from the Public and Private sectors, from small to large. We currently support businesses in retail, logistics, transport, energy, publishing and Banking.
  • We walk the walk. You are still working and getting on with it during the current crisis and so are we. We are committed to support you in reaching your goal.

We’ve worked really closely with ESP in developing and delivering our flagship management and leadership programme to people managers at every level of our business. Working with ESP has been like having an extension to our team. They’ve really quickly got to terms with our business and culture and have, absolutely alongside us, developed and are delivering a programme that our people love.

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Ruwan Fernando

Managing Director - Hearst

Over the years we have developed a great rapport with our apprenticeship and training providers ESP. We don’t just see it as a relationship, but a solid honest and truthful partnership. We believe that in order to have faith with companies wanting to provide training for us, there needs to be trust, and with ESP we have confidence in their ability to deliver or at least find a solution. ESP have helped us as a business recognise not only our basic training needs but have helped us identify some of our specialist training needs. We have recommended ESP throughout the industry we work in, because we believe they can deliver.

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Terry McArdle

Head of Training and Development - Capital Cash

  • We highly value every customer and every organisation we work with. This ensures we work together to achieve a common goal, that provides outstanding results every time.
  • We are built on our relationships and on a common commitment to helping you achieve your full potential throughout your learning.
  • We build for the future, making good relationships based on shared goals. We are as interested in you achieving your goals as you are.
  • You may only need us for a short time, but we will always do our best for you and have your best interest in mind.
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Industry Coverage

ESP specialises in a number of business sectors where the management team have held senior roles and therefore fully understand the present challenges these businesses are facing.

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Quality at every stage of any personnel development programme, whether Government or Company funded, is key to successful delivery. All of ESP’s programmes are both internally and externally verified.

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Training Consultancy

Every organisation is unique with different challenges but all are dependent upon the quality of their workforce, whether they be on the shop floor or around the boardroom table.

  • High aspiration and ambition for our learners, apprentices and employers
  • Strong leadership who challenge and promote improvement
  • Effective collaboration with employers and partners to ensure success
  • Well qualified staff with strong staff performance management leading to support and development and outstanding practice
  • Highly effective teaching, learning and assessment opportunities
  • Learners and apprentices are safe from harm and have good awareness about the dangers of radicalisation and extremism
  • Good promotion of British values and equality and diversity to ensure learners are prepared for living and working in modern Britain
  • Staff are ambitious and supportive of their learners
  • Learning is creative and innovative and fosters curiosity
  • Staff plan learning sessions and assessments very effectively enabling the completion of demanding work that learners and apprentices to realise their potential
  • Good development of skills, knowledge and behaviour
  • Feedback and target setting is effective in developing learners and apprentices further and provides holistic development opportunities
  • Support for learners and apprentices is good enabling them to achieve well and make good progress both in learning and at work
  • Good opportunities to develop maths, English and wider employability skills required by employers
  • Learners and apprentices gain confidence, are self assured and have excellent attitudes to learning and work
  • Learners and apprentices are respectful of each other, their colleagues, of others beliefs and opinions and points of view
  • Apprentices develop the good skills and behaviours necessary for success in the future and make good progress within their roles
  • Employers value the contribution of their apprentices to their business
  • Learners and apprentices are very motivated to learn; attendance at work and in learning sessions is excellent
  • We promote an open culture that actively ensures learners and apprentices are safe both in learning and in the workplace
  • Careers guidance is effective in enabling learners and apprentices to make informed choices about their next step and stage of their education, employment or training
  • Learners and apprentices achieve well compared to their starting points
  • Learners and apprentices demonstrate the good skills and knowledge they have acquired
  • The standard of learners and apprentices’ standards of work is very high
  • Where appropriate learners and apprentices achieve meaningful qualifications including maths and English where appropriate
  • Good progression into further learning, training or employment
  • Apprentices gain promotion and additional job responsibilities
  • Learners and apprentices achieve and complete on time and according to their planned completion dates

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Inspiring Shared Purpose
Leading with care
Evaluating Information
Driving Outstanding Quality
Championing Standards
Developing Capacity
Holding to account
Influencing for results
Motivating the team
Being Emotionally Intelligent

01. Career Progression

We help learners progress in their career offering helpful guidance and tips through the learner journey, supporting them at every stage of their development.

02. Learners Success

At ESP we celebrate learner success and are proud of all of our learners. We document their success and even share the success that they have had.

03. Quality Training

Quality at every stage of any personnel development programme, whether Government or Company funded, is key to a successful delivery.

04. Safe Environment

The only way for learners to truly progress is knowing that they are safe when learning new skills under our care.

Our Clients

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